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Early Career Researchers Workshop in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

Fifth Edition
July 13-14-15 2022

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The Bochum Early Career Researchers Workshop is an annual event by and for graduate students and early career researchers. We provide a platform where people entering the academic job market have the opportunity not only for in-depth feedback on their work, but also for personal engagement and career advice from respected senior academics. Our workshop gives an opportunity for accepted speakers to be paired with other early career researchers working on a related topic. The paired researchers receive each other’s papers in advance, prepare detailed commentaries, and present online where they receive feedback from other members of the academia. The workshop will also include a number of slots for socialising and networking, as well as a “Fail Academy” session, where we will be sharing our stories of perseverance and resilience in the academic world.

We invite papers in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, broadly understood. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Epistemology of perception
  • Mental representations
  • The role of language and metaphors in cognition
  • Social cognition and joint action
  • The problem of consciousness
  • Naturalization of intentionality
  • Animal cognition and comparative psychology
  • Philosophy of psychiatry and psychopathology
  • Philosophy of AI

We are also committed to being an equal opportunity workshop and invite contributions from groups underrepresented in philosophy and cognitive science. Attending the workshop is free and no registration is required.

Sibling Workshop

In the same week as the ECRW, another interesting workshop is organized at the Ruhr University Bochum. On the 11th and 12th of July, one can attend the Bochum Bayesian Learning and Reasoning Workshop online or in person. This hybrid workshop will have keynote talks by Ulrike Hahn, Nico Orlandi, Josh Tenebaum, and Julia Staffel. The button below leads to the workshop’s website.